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New single Roadworks

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Roadworks build on Angus Gill’s journey

HAVE you ever felt that your life resembles roadworks? If so, country artist Angus Gill’s latest single is just the song for you.

From his upcoming album, Nomad, Roadworks is as relevant to those who’ve been stuck at a stop/slow sign as to those who know the feeling of enjoying life and then hitting complications that slow you down or delay your journey.

The young Mid North Coast of NSW singer-songwriter wrote the song with Matt Scullion on his first trip to Nashville in July 2015 after wanting to theme the album around roads. Angus brainstormed ideas for songs on a mind map, and the premise for Roadworks was born.

Roadworks is an up-beat, lighthearted first single that I think everyone can relate to,” he said. “Just about everywhere you drive there are roadworks that delay your journey. It is also a metaphor for life because you’re cruising along and you hit the roadworks and slow down, speed up and guess what? You hit some more roadworks.”

Along with the message of the song, the music also speeds up and slows down just as roadworks do to a driver’s journey, so was recorded live in the studio with all players following each other.

“It was a challenging song to record, as the musicians couldn’t play to a click track because of the tempo changes, but that’s what made it all the more fun,” Angus said.

Getting in the theme of the song, Angus is often seen performing Roadworks dressed in high-visibility work wear and the occasional hard hat. The track also featured at this year’s Toyota Star Maker Grand Final where Angus performed in full high-vis outfit and it proved a Tamworth crowd favourite.

The singer-songwriter said he wanted listeners to take his music along for their roadtrips and gain an insight into his writing process as well.

“I would like listeners to see that you can always look for different perspectives in life and also in songs, it’s just about trying to dig deeper to find that unique angle,” he said. “I’ve taken on a theme that is extremely common in popular music and tried to put my original slant on it, and set myself the challenge of writing a whole album based around that concept. I really wanted to push myself as a writer and a co-writer.”

Angus also produced and mixed the album in his Wauchope based production suite Hot Plate Studios. Roadworks features Stuie French on electric guitar, Camille Te Nahu and Matt Scullion on backing vocals Clayton Doley on Hammond B3 organ, Bill Risby on piano, Pete Denahy on fiddle, Ian Lees on bass and Brad Bergen on drums.

Returning to Tamworth in July this year, Angus shot the film clip for the single with 2 Lukes Films supported by local businesses Men At Work, Hilberts and Kazac Civil who assisted with props and, of course, the all-important high-vis work wear.

Roadworks is released on August 11 from the ultimate roadtrip album, Nomad, to be released on September 22, distributed by Checked Label Services.

Angus is available for interviews to chat about the single and album.

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February 17 Update

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Hi folks,

Wow, what an exciting month January was, spending most of the month at Tamworth. Was at the CMAA Senior Academy of Country Music for 2 weeks, leading up to an exciting festival. Very proud to have been a finalist in the Toyota Star Maker, met some great people, and even caught the eye of a certain Guy Sebastian during my performance !

As a now full-time musician, songwriter and a producer, I’m now back in my recording studio (Hot Plate Studios – finding the spot between overcooked and underdone), and I am looking forward to pursuing production projects of my own and of other talented artists’/bands’, and or course, gigging.

Take care folks and I hope to catch you at a gig in the near future.



New Single: Mouth of a Dragon

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With authenticity in his voice, a Gibson over his back, a bonfire in his belly, and a songwriting knack, 17 year old rising star Angus Gill is propelling through his apprenticeship in the Australian Country Music Industry. The TSA junior award winner and 2x graduate of CMAA Academy of Country Music has already supported TROY CASSAR-DALEY on his My Life in Song tour and in 2014, he co-wrote the music education anthem for Music Count Us In, with JOHN FOREMAN and HARRY ANGUS (CAT EMPIRE). It was a thrill for Gill to find out that half a million school children sung a song that he collaborated on, at the same time, on the same day, in October 2014.
Freshly back from the USA, Gill widened his bag of songs in Nashville, writing with the likes of: MATT SCULLION (LEE KERNAGHAN) and BILL DI LUIGI (CHRIS YOUNG). He also spent a week in upstate NY with 3x Grammy Award winner and Americana legend STEVE EARLE, gathering postcards of inspiration and meeting with likeminded songwriters.
Angus’ new single Mouth of a Dragon, co-written with 5x Golden Guitar winner FELICITY URQUHART, tells the story of a couple who lost it all in an unexpected house fire which blackened sixty years of memories in a bare six minutes. The track came from an honest place, as the house of Gill’s grandparents’ Vera and Barry burnt down, back in 2011, after a gas bottle exploded in his Grandfather’s shed. “It just goes to show that you never quite know what fireballs the gas bottle of life may throw at you, but you have to be prepared to pick yourself up and build your house from scratch again, if and when it does. Writing Mouth of a Dragon with Felicity was so much fun. She is such a down to earth and inspirational soul. Fliss kindly sung harmonies on the recording as well, which for me, was another layer of specialness to the already poignant story.” Mouth of a Dragon was produced by Simon Johnson at the Hillbilly Hut, and is Angus’ first single from his forthcoming album Nomad, due for release in early 2017. Artwork for the single was designed by Year 6 Student, Apple.
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SWEPT AWAY single & music video

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Award winning songwriter Angus Gill was the same age as Wilsonton State School student Jordan Rice, when Australia clung to their couch to hear the sacrifice that he had made on a fateful January day in 2011. “It was very hard for me to come to terms with the bravery (and loss) that a heroic kid, the same age as me, had possessed”, said Gill.

Jordan, his mother Donna and his younger brother Blake, were on their way to pick up Jordan’s new high school uniform, before their car was engulfed in flood waters. Local builder Warren McErlean, was seconds away from rescuing 13 year old Jordan, when he replied “take my brother first.” Jordan wasn’t a confident swimmer and tragically, he and mother Donna were swept to their deaths.

“Jordan’s story was incredibly moving and I decided that it would be great to recognise his heroism in song. I had a co-write lined up with Karl Broadie, an inspirational songwriter – and I felt that it would be the right song to write with him. Karl loved the idea, and Swept Away was born.”

Produced by ARIA winning producer Simon Johnson at Hillbilly Hut, Swept Away encompasses the emotion and tragedy of the event. Backing on the track is provided by Mick Albeck on fiddle, Vaughan Jones on piano, Glen Hannah on guitars, Simon Johnson on bass/programming and Brendan Radford on backing vocals. Buy “Swept Away” on iTunes – Proceeds go to the Jordan Rice Foundation.

“The Jordan Rice Foundation does amazing work in assisting and counselling people who have been affected by natural disasters and it is my pleasure to donate the funds from this track to them. I may not be able to change the world, but perhaps the songs that I have contributed to may persuade people to think a certain way or change a certain thing in their lives.”

Golden Guitar winning Filmery also came onboard to create a memorable and tear jerking music video. The clip was shot at Copacabana on the NSW Central Coast. With underwater lagoon shots, shimmering water slideshow and natural backdrop – it proves the perfect accompaniment to the heartfelt ballad. Check out the music video on YouTube: and please request it to Country Music Channel.


Buy Livewire

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Angus Gill - WalletMulti-talented session musician Brad Bergen produced Angus’ highly acclaimed debut album “LIVEWIRE” that comprises of five self penned tracks and two revamped covers. Golden Guitar winner Tamara Stewart co-wrote two of the tracks with Gill, alongside Coonamble’s Cate Tempo.

“It was a privilege to record LIVEWIRE with Brad! He did such an amazing job transforming traditional bush ballad songs into contemporary country gems, I just loved watching the songs grow and evolve. I really enjoyed energising Tamworth and kicking off the LIVEWIRE journey, very exciting times,” said Gill. Country music icon and 2008 Australian of the Year Lee Kernaghan praised the album, adding, “I’m really impressed by your vocals and song craft. Our music genre needs more original artists like you telling that great Australian story through song.” Legendary pedal steel player Michel Rose, Beccy Cole’s ex-husband and Australian fiddle champion Mick Albeck, Bushwackers’ frontman and Golden guitar winner Roger Corbett and accomplished pianist Michael Varecka were the wired session musicians joining virtuoso guitarist and drummer Brad Bergen on the CD.

The first single from the album is Tea and Biscuits, co-written with Tamara Stewart. Please request it to your local radio station and check it out the official video clip, directed by talented local videographer Adam Gilmour, on Youtube at:

LIVEWIRE can be purchased via or by PayPal direct link below.

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