Angus releases his first compilation album The Songwriter…So Far

It’s fair to say that Australian CMA (Golden Guitar) winner Angus Gill is a veteran of the Aussie music scene, having released 5 AU Billboard (ARIA) chart topping studio albums, garnered 13 #1s and 11 Top 10 hit singles on Australian Country Radio and an ARIA Awards nomination. He is also the youngest Australian male solo artist to have ever performed on the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee. He has either collaborated with or had songs recorded by US & Australian music royalty such as Steve Earle, Jim Lauderdale, Buddy Miller, Charles Esten, Eric McCusker (Mondo Rock), Diesel, Anne Kirkpatrick, Melinda Schneider, Graeme Connors, Beccy Cole, Adam Harvey, James Blundell, Pixie Jenkins, Allan Caswell, Billy Miller (The Ferrets), Bill Chambers, TC Cassidy and many more. 

Off the back of a huge 2023, which saw Gill release his fifth studio album Departure & Arrival (as Angus Gill & Seasons of Change), which rocketed to the #1 on both an ARIA & AIR Albums Chart. Gill has now released his first compilation album, titled The Songwriter…So Far.

The 20 track release features Gill’s best, most requested and thought-provoking songs that have established him as a leading young Australian songwriter. The record also features 2 brand new recordings, including a re-vamped version of Gill’s staple song Roadworks, the poignant new Can You Imagine, a taster of Gill’s forthcoming collaboration project with Mondo Rock’s Eric McCusker

“I’m incredibly excited for this release. The last few years have been wild for me, juggling songwriting and production work with touring my new album projects. Winning my first Golden Guitar Award was a huge highlight and a full circle moment.” says Gill. 

The Songwriter…So Far is out now via Rivershack Records/MGM. 

Track Listing

  1. Roadworks [2023 Version] (Angus Gill/Matt Scullion)
  2. Can You Imagine [feat. Eric McCusker] (Angus Gill/Eric McCusker) 
  3. Little Green Man (Angus Gill/Billy Miller)
  4. Listen to the Country [feat. Kevin Bennett] (Angus Gill/Kevin Bennett)
  5. The New Old Me [feat. Steve Earle] (Angus Gill/Allan Caswell)
  6. Start Up The Old Dance Again (Angus Gill)
  7. Cornerstone (Angus Gill/Matt Scullion)
  8. The Scrapbook (Angus Gill/Bill Whyte)
  9. Sweet Sister Jasmine (Angus Gill/Thomm Jutz)
  10. Starin’ Out the Back of a Car [feat. Kevin Bennett & Amos Morris] (Angus Gill/Kevin Bennett)
  11. Whittling Away [feat. Jim Lauderdale] (Angus Gill/Jim Lauderdale)
  12. The Apron (Angus Gill/Vickiree Melouney) 
  13. In the Cards (Angus Gill/Jerry Salley)
  14. Always on the Run (Angus Gill/Thomm Jutz)
  15. Departure & Arrival (Angus Gill)
  16. Still Missing (Angus Gill/Thomm Jutz)
  17. Waiting for the Boss [feat. Anne Kirkpatrick] (Angus Gill/Alan Mackey/Mary O’Brien)
  18. Origins (Angus Gill/Lance Carpenter)
  19. Forget Me Not (Angus Gill/Bill DiLuigi/Kirsti Manna)
  20. Don’t Get Your Tinsel in a Tangle [feat. Melinda Schneider] (Angus Gill/Bill DiLuigi/Kirsti Manna)

Angus reaps dual number ones with Departure & Arrival

Golden Guitar winner Angus Gill has garnered dual number ones on the ARIA & AIR charts with his fifth studio album Departure & Arrival, recorded with the members of Paul Kelly’s band and Billy Miller (The Ferrets).

After performing an energetic, standout set with Miller at the Gympie Music Muster on Friday night, Gill came off stage to find his album sitting at #1 on the ARIA Australian Country Albums Chart and #1 on the AIR 100% Independent Albums Chart (all genres), as well as reaching the Top 10 for the ARIA Australian Albums Chart.

Departure & Arrival has also been receiving outstanding reviews. Americana Highways in the US described the record as “a powerhouse of an album.” Also remarking,

“His chemistry with the Paul Kelly band seems impeccable. We were simply enthralled by Gill’s vocal prowess. Gill’s is a voice fit to charm, regale and perhaps most thrillingly, allow people to escape their worries for a time. From Little Green Man to April Fools, Departure & Arrival gives us the escapism we often desire so vividly.”

UK based At The Barrier declared it as, “Instantly enjoyable, well-produced and musically intriguing.  The fifth album from New South Wales’ Angus Gill ticks all the boxes.


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Angus releases his fifth studio album & new single You Wouldn’t Steal a Heart

Angus releases his fifth studio album Departure & Arrival today, along with the rocking third single You Wouldn’t Steal a Heart, co-written with Billy Miller from The Ferrets.

The album was recorded with Miller and the members of Paul Kelly’s touring band, featuring Peter ‘Lucky’ Luscombe on drums and percussion, Bill McDonald on bass, Dan Kelly on guitar and Cameron Bruce on keyboards. 

Gill’s publisher Philip Mortlock was the catalyst for this project, encouraging him to do a record purely made up of his own lyrics and compositions. Gill wrote six of the nine songs solo and three of them with Miller writing the music, while Gill wrote the lyrics. Among the songs recorded is April Fools, the opening track and a Top 5 radio chart hit for TC Cassidy and Bill Chambers, who originally covered the song. 

Bernard Zuel writes. If you’re looking for two words to describe Departure & Arrival, the new album from Angus Gill, he suggests you start with evolution and experimentation, and work from there.

Now they may seem contradictory: evolution being a slow process of adaptation and change; experimentation being more immediate, more haphazard. And those words might be dangerous when you’ve come up through country music, where things take time to adjust.

But not for Gill, who’s in a hurry. A hurry to make more, a hurry to try more, a hurry to match the artists who are inspiring him.

“I’m categorised as a country artist, and there are still elements of country there, but I didn’t necessarily set out to create a country record,” he says of Departure & Arrival, whose title tells you almost as much about this restless songwriter as the songs within it, which have the punch of rock, the elegant lines of old school pop, some Latin moves in the mould of ‘70s Paul Simon, and experiments like a spoken word track (In iambic pentameter no less.)

“I’ve always been a fan of albums like Harry Nilsson’s Nilsson Schmilsson, Sgt Pepper’s, City to City and these classic albums I’ve been listening to since I’ve become a vinyl hoarder, and I don’t like listening to an album where every track is the same tempo, the same feel, similar subjects.”

A veteran at the age of 25 – apart from the songs he’s written, played on or produced for others, like Diesel and Adam Harvey, he’s been writing and playing since he was nine or 10, releasing music from the age of 14 and been his own producer for five albums since his debut long player at the age of 18 – Gill has his sights on a long, varied career full of surprises. Among them, his influences.

With a novella on the go, alongside his recordings and a couple of Covid years of a heavy reading load behind him, he’s as likely to spring literary references as musical ones. The album title was inspired by pop culture philosopher, Alain De Botton, the mid-tempo pop charmer, Little Green Man, was sparked by Australian author Trent Dalton’s Love Stories, and his guiding lights are the likes of Cormac McCarthy, Charles Bukowski and John Steinbeck.

“Steinbeck is very simplistic in the way that he writes but his words say a lot in a short space,” Gill says. “And that’s what songs are about.”

Closer to home for the kid who grew up in timbertown Wauchope, just inland from the NSW Mid North Coast, Gill’s been bending the ear of genuine veterans of Australian music Mondo Rock’s Eric McCusker and The Ferrets’ Billy Miller, who has co-written a couple of tracks on the new album. It’s fair to say Gill’s been fired up by the exchanges.

“I love hanging out with them and it’s a mutual thing: you pick up different ways of thinking and I’m very open to all of that. I am a very curious person. I am a very passionate person and I’ve always had a good relationship with my elders.”

You can add two more words to the Angus Gill story then: curiosity and passion, and then watch them at work in his work.

“Something I have learned as a producer too is you’ve got to be open to certain things presenting themselves. If they’re good moments, then you’ve got to lean into them and start embracing them, almost reshaping the song around that particular change in direction halfway through a project.”

And when that’s done, do what another of his mentors, the giant of modern Americana, Steve Earle, would do: change again.”

Gill recalls that when he asked the American why he changed direction so often “He said ‘I just get bored’. And that was a precedent he set very early in his career, and I was inspired: that’s what I want to do.

“I heard somebody say [about me] ‘when’s he gonna find what he wants to do?’ And I’m like, I’m never gonna find what I want to do. That’s the definition of an artist.”

Maybe Gill has found what he wants to do. Anything. Everything.

That’s two more words for you.



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Angus announces 23-date national tour

Off the back of a sold out Tamworth Country Music Festival show, CMAA Golden Guitar winner Angus Gill is hitting the road with Australian fiddle playing icon Pixie Jenkins for a string of must see shows! 

“I really can’t wait to hit the road and do a tic tac toe, 3 in a row, full bore, full throttle, full tilt tour again! Pixie and I toured several times last year and the show we’re doing has been an absolute blast. We often forget there’s only two of us onstage. It’s a high energy show with plenty of laughs, almighty fiddle playing, some tender and poignant moments. There’s really something for everything,” says Gill.

In addition to the shows with Pixie, Gill is doing an exclusive run of shows with Golden Guitar winner Kevin Bennett (The Flood) and US Americana legend Kevin Welch at Newcastle, Dungog, Campbelltown and Petersham. He is also playing a one off show at the Caravan Club in Archie’s Creek on Saturday 15th April with Oz rock legend Billy Miller from the band The Ferrets, best known for their hits Don’t Fall in Love, Janie May

“Kevin Bennett and I have been working together over the last 6 months, writing and recording our song Listen to the Country. We were delighted to be nominated for a Golden Guitar for this song and even had the Prime Minister praise and quote it in an interview on Ch 10’s The Project. I’ve worked with Kevin Welch a few times over Zoom and we really hit it off talking all things songs and songwriting too. I can’t wait to do a run of intimate ‘writers in the round’ style shows with KB and KW in May.”

“I’ve also been working with Billy Miller and the members of Paul Kelly’s band on an upcoming Angus Gill & Seasons of Change second album. We’ve had so much fun making music together,  we may even preview a few of our new songs, so the gig at the Caravan Club will be a right hoot.”

Gill is one of the most exciting and prodigious acts on the scene, delighting audiences over the last 18 years with his distinctive voice, carefully crafted songs, well honed showmanship and comic timing. He has an ARIA awards nomination, four critically acclaimed ARIA chart topping studio albums and eight #1 radio chart hits to his name. He has supported Kris Kristofferson, recorded with international music legends such as Steve Earle, Jim Lauderdale & Charles Esten and is the youngest Australian male artist to have performed on the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee.

Pixie’s fiddle playing is uniquely Australian, and with his amazing energy, story telling and humour, he has become one of the most recognisable artists in the industry.  He’s also one of Australia’s most eclectic and talented entertainers, playing roots, bluegrass and Irish folk styles with an incredible dexterity and finesse. Pixie has been a support artist and toured and recorded for some of the biggest names in the world, Bob Dylan to Cher; Jimmy Barnes to John Williamson and has been a studio musician on the recordings of 100s of other artists.
































Angus wins his first Golden Guitar Award at the 50th CMAA Awards Ceremony

Off the back of a #1 ARIA Australian Country Album and 3x #1 radio singles, Angus Gill nabbed the Golden Guitar Award for Bush Ballad of the Year for his song The Easy Way, co-written with Manfred Vijars, at the 50th CMAA Country Music Awards of Australia. 

A beaming Gill said, “I’m totally lost for words and this is a first for me. This has been seventeen years in the making and I am so grateful that I won my first Golden Guitar for Bush Ballad of the Year. This was the style I started playing as a seven year old, after being inspired by local entertainers William Lane and Ken “Chainsaw” Lindsay. I got my first gig singing bush ballads at the Timbertown Heritage Theme Park, in my hometown of Wauchope. I’d sing for four hours every Saturday for twenty five dollars and a meat pie. The four years I did at Timbertown taught me so much about stage craft and how to captivate and entertain audiences of all sizes. And now to win a Golden Guitar for Bush Ballad of the Year, it’s a very special “full circle” moment for me.” 

As well as performing The Easy Way on the awards show and delivering what some declared as one of the most memorable Golden Guitar Awards speeches, Gill was praised by Australian Country Music legend John Williamson, who described him as “a breath of fresh air” and “a bronze statue in the future” of Australian Country Music. 

Gill’s latest single The Scrapbook is at radio now. It reached #1 on the Country Songs Top 40 Australian Airplay Chart last week, marking the second #1 song for Gill in 2 weeks. 

Angus dominates the Australian charts with new bluegrass album The Scrapbook

It’s been a big couple of days for Angus Gill off the back of the release of his brand new bluegrass album, “The Scrapbook”.

On Friday, news arrived that the album had debuted at #1 on the ARIA Top 20 Australian Country Albums Chart. It also debuted at #2 ARIA Top 40 Country Albums, #4 ARIA Top 20 Australian Albums (All Genres), #19 ARIA Top 50 Albums and #12 ARIA Top 20 Vinyl Albums.

The album has also grabbed the #1 spot on the Australian Independent Record Labels Association (AIR) 100% Independent Albums for the week. Gill’s current single Whittling Away, featuring multiple Grammy winner Jim Lauderdale, reached #1 on the Australian Country Radio charts.

“I’m so excited and grateful to have a number one album with The Scrapbook. My first ARIA number one at that too, so it especially means a lot to me”, said Angus.

“Thanks to everyone who has bought a physical copy or has been streaming the album on the various digital platforms – I really appreciate it!”

As a lover of traditional bluegrass, Angus Gill, always wanted to record a ‘real deal’ bluegrass album.

The Wauchope wunderkind stretched his musical and songwriting talents even further on this album that boasts a vast array of internationally renowned musicians including Tim Crouch, Randy Kohrs, Clay Hess and Tony Ray. It also features stellar collaborations with Jim Lauderdale, Jerry Salley, Gary Burr, Thomm Jutz, Rivers Rutherford and Charles Esten (from the hit TV series, Nashville). 

“Not only were we swimming against the tide releasing this album through a global pandemic, but we also rescued the hard drives which thankfully were not damaged by the terrible floods in late March this year”.

Angus Gill’s smash hit album, “The Scrapbook”, is out now through Rivershack Records/MGM Distribution.

Angus releases new bluegrass album The Scrapbook

Never one to confine himself musically to just one box – ARIA and 3x Golden Guitar nominee, Angus Gill – has shed yet another musical skin with his fourth album, “The Scrapbook”.

The Wauchope wunderkind stretches his musical and songwriting talents even further on the new bluegrass release that boasts a vast array of internationally renowned musicians including Tim Crouch, Randy Kohrs, Clay Hess and Tony Ray. It also features stellar collaborations with Jim Lauderdale, Jerry Salley, Gary Burr, Thomm Jutz, Rivers Rutherford and Charles Esten (from the hit TV series, Nashville). 

“I’ve always been a big fan of traditional bluegrass music. From a young age, I’ve been drawn to the high and tight harmonies, vocal stylings, phrasing and virtuosic playing. There’s also this beautiful juxtaposition in some bluegrass music when a poignant lyric is set against a rapid tempo and a major chord structure. I just love that!” said Gill.

The project came about in late 2020, after the release of the critically acclaimed “3 Minute Movies” featuring Paul Kelly’s band billed as The Seasons of Change. Gill started laying the bed track down for a song Whittling Away, written with multiple Grammy™ winner & bluegrass icon Jim Lauderdalein 2019. This eventually became the catalyst for a bluegrass record. 

“Jim and I wrote Whittling Away in 2019 and I liked it then, but after revisiting it in late 2020, the sentiment of the song hit me even harder than it did when we wrote it. I realised it would work as a duet and Jim agreed to do it with me. I was hearing a slow bluegrass production, so decided to take that approach with this song”, says Gill.

“I remembered I’d written several bluegrass songs over the years and I also had some straight country songs I’d written, which I realised were better served as bluegrass songs. I’ve always wanted to record a traditional bluegrass album with players that have bluegrass in their blood. I called up Tim Crouch and asked him if he would play and co-produce an album with me and we brought Randy Kohrs, Clay Hess & Tony Way onto the project and recorded it all remotely at the start of 2021. It was pretty cool because it sounds like we were all playing in the same room, despite being over 15,000 kilometres away.”

The album opens with a rollicking homage to hard working women “Always on the Run”, co-written with 2021 Grammy nominee Thomm Jutz. Gill quips, “she’s moving like a bullet that was fired from a gun/she’s always on the run.” The narrative based “Samson” is a master-class in character development while the Jim Lauderdale duet “Whittling Away” highlights the resilience and strength that people are displaying during these trying times. Gill’s signature wit comes to the forefront in the swing-grass romp “Caught Between a Rock and a Heartache”. The challenges of a paternal bond are explored in the heartfelt “Feet of Clay”, co-written with Charles Esten. “Let’s Have a Drink (To Not Drinking Again)” is the ultimate high-spirited bluegrass drinking song, featuring Music Row veteran tunesmith Jerry Salley. Gill sings of his grandmother’s affection in the autobiographical title track “The Scrapbook”. After a near 300-bpm sprint in “Heartquake”, the album closes with the exquisite epitaph “Forget Me Not”. “Our heartstrings will be tied up in a never forget me not” Gill sings a cappella in perfect 4 part harmony. 

Angus Gill’s new album, “The Scrapbook”, is further proof of this artist’s ability to shape-shift into any musical form and do it exceptionally well.

Angus is one of the most creative and talented people I’ve ever worked with. It was an honor to get to write with and sing with him. I hope we can do much more down the road!” – Jim Lauderdale

Angus Gill is easily one of the most talented and hardest working young men in the music business – anywhere! His passion to pursue songwriting and identifying the right songs to record is very admirable, and his smooth tenor vocals deliver those songs in a believable way that only a true artist can do” – Jerry Salley

I’m not just a co-writer with Angus, I’m a fan too. He’s truly creative and thinks outside the box. Heck, I’m not even sure he owns a box. This “grass” album more than suits his great tenor voice. And how cool is it that the title track that he allowed me to write with him is so touching and personal about his grandmother? He might just win “Grandson of the Year” as well as “Bluegrass Album of the Year” – Bill Whyte

“The Scrapbook” is out on September 24 on Rivershack Records/MGM Distribution.


  1. Always on the Run (Angus Gill/Thomm Jutz)
  2. Samson (Angus Gill/Bill DiLuigi/Kirsti Manna)
  3. Whittling Away featuring Jim Lauderdale (Angus Gill/Jim Lauderdale)
  4. Caught Between a Rock and a Heartache (Angus Gill/Rivers Rutherford)
  5. Feet of Clay (Angus Gill/Charles Esten)
  6. Let’s Have a Drink (To Not Drinking Again) featuring Jerry Salley (Angus Gill/Jerry Salley/Bill Whyte/Aaron Wilburn)
  7. The Scrapbook (Angus Gill/Bill Whyte)
  8. Put ‘Er There (Angus Gill/Gary Burr)
  9. Still Missing (Angus Gill/Thomm Jutz)
  10. Heartquake (Angus Gill/Thomm Jutz)
  11. Forget Me Not (Angus Gill/Bill DiLuigi/Kirsti Manna)

Produced by Angus Gill & Tim Crouch

Mixed by Angus Gill

Mastered by Jeff McCormack

Jim Lauderdale appears courtesy of Yep Roc Records. 

Jerry Salley appears courtesy of Very Jerry Records.

Angus Gill – vocals, acoustic guitar, dobro, background vocals.

Tim Crouch – fiddle, mandolin, banjo, double bass, acoustic guitar and percussion.

Randy Kohrs – dobro and background vocals.

Tony Wray – banjo and acoustic guitar (track 10)

Clay Hess – banjo and acoustic guitar (track 1)

Thomm Jutz – background vocals (track 1 & 9)

Gary Burr – background vocals (track 8)

Georgia Middleman – background vocals (track 8)

Angus unites with friend Jim Lauderdale on new single

 As a lover of traditional bluegrass, Angus Gill, always wanted to record a ‘real deal’ bluegrass album.

The second single from his anticipated bluegrass record, “The Scrapbook”, out Friday 24th September – “Whittling Away” – is a duet with legendary US singer-songwriter, Jim Lauderdale and was the catalyst for the album.

“I worked with Jim Lauderdale on my last trip to Nashville in 2019. I had the idea for this song and he had the title”, says Angus.

“I was telling Jim about the struggles my Mum had been going through putting my Nan into a nursing home and the emotional baggage she carried as a result. It was admirable how she still managed to keep her composure during these really trying times”.

Angus says “Whittling Away”, is written in what they call a broken narrative and there’s a part about people losing jobs and losing their livelihood, yet still ‘keeping it together when it’s falling apart’.

“I revisited the song last year and in light of the pandemic – the sentiment hit me even harder. I recorded it as a slow bluegrass track and Jim kindly agreed to do it as a duet”.

Jim says of the collaboration with Angus, “Angus is one of the most creative and talented people Ive ever worked with. It was an honor to get to write with and sing with him. I hope we can do much more down the road!”

Angus Gill is an ARIA and three-time Golden Guitar Award nominee from Wauchope NSW. His new album, “The Scrapbook”, is out Friday 24th September 2021 via Rivershack Records / MGM Distribution.

“Whittling Away” is at radio now and available across your favourite digital platforms via 

Angus releases new single & announces fourth studio album

Never one to confine himself musically to just one box – ARIA and 3x Golden Guitar nominee, Angus Gill – has shed yet another musical skin taking him in a whole new direction.

“Always On The Run” is the first single lifted from his forthcoming bluegrass release, “The Scrapbook”.

The song came together on a six-week song writing trip to Nashville in 2018 with co-writer and Grammy nominee, Thomm Jutz.

“I had the title and the line ‘You might think she’s an outlaw, but she ain’t done nothing wrong’. I liked the misdirection with the title and the idea of setting the song up to be a predictable, literal Outlaw type song, but when derailing that thought with one wry line”, says Angus.

“Thomm and I were talking about the hard working women that serve as an inspiration to what we could all get done, if we were a little wiser with our time and had the indelible determination to get the job done. My Mother came to mind and Amber Lawrence’s name also came up in conversation”.

The new album, “The Scrapbook”, was produced by Angus Gill and Tim Crouch, mixed by Gill and mastered by Jeff McCormack. It features further collaborations with Jim Lauderdale, Jerry Salley, Gary Burr, Rivers Rutherford and Charles Esten (star of the TV series, “Nashville”).

“Always On The Run” is released across all digital platforms on Friday 25th June while “The Scrapbook” is available from Friday 20th August 2021 through Rivershack Records / MGM Distribution.

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Angus Gill & Seasons of Change are finalists for the 2020 Golden Guitar Awards & Angus is nominated for an ARIA Award

 Angus Gill & Seasons of Change have secured 2 Golden Guitar nominations for Alt Country Album of the Year and Group or Duo of the Year for the 2021 CMAA Country Music Awards of the Australia.

The album  3 Minute Movies, has received critical acclaim in Australia and the US, since its release on September 25. It reached #1 on the AIR Albums Chart and debuted at #28 on the ARIA Top 100 Albums (All Genres), #8 Australian Albums (All Genres), #2 Australian Country Albums and #4 on the Country Albums Chart.

Gill said, “I’m thrilled to receive 2 Golden Guitar nominations for my new record with Seasons of Change, called 3 Minute Movies. Seasons of Change is of course a pseudonym for the members of Paul Kelly’s band, including Peter ‘Lucky’ Luscombe, Bill McDonald, Cameron Bruce, Ashley Naylor and Dan Kelly. All exceptional players and making this record with them really stretched me as an artist and a producer. We tracked the album in an analogue studio in Melbourne, refrained from using modern production techniques and therefore the process was raw, organic and authentic. The band opened my eyes to a whole new sonic palette. I’d like to thank Lucky, Cam, Bill, Ash and Dank for being part of this project and PK for lending his band. I’m hoping we’ll have the opportunity to tour the new record as Angus Gill & Seasons of Change in 2021.” 

Guitarist Ashley Naylor, from the iconic Melbourne rock trio Even, said, “Myself and the PK band had a blast recording with Angus. This strong collection of songs flowed freely in the studio and he gave us the freedom to colour them accordingly.”

In addition to the Golden Guitar nominations, Gill is also nominated for an ARIA award for Best Comedy Release for his work with comedy legend Bev Killick on her debut single Crummy Mummy. It is lifted from the forthcoming comedy album Uncle Nev & Aunty Bev’s Late Night Aussie Barbie, which Gill produced, co-wrote and played all the instruments on.

Stream and download 3 Minute Movieshere

Stream and download The New Old Me (feat. Steve Earle) here

“You had better bring your A game if you head into the studio with the legendary Paul Kelly’s band as your studio musicians and have Steve Earle join you for a duet.  And that’s exactly what young Australian singer-songwriter Angus Gill did…3 Minute Movies has a fine cinematic quality” Twangville

“3 Minute Movies is a musical sugar fix” Americana Highways

“ Call it Australiacana, or whatever you may will but Gill aged voice reminds listeners of young oldsters like Colter Wall and Cody Jinks.” Glide Magazine

“The New Old Me rocks and rolls with a steady, intense energy. Great vibe, great playing and a witty lyric that works on a few levels. On high rotation around here!”  

Brian Nankervis (RockWiz / ABC Radio)

“On 3 Minute Movies, Gill presents a more pop-oriented side of his songwriting. 

He cares about idiosyncrasies, the small things in songwriting that make a 

big difference in what he brings to the world” 

American Songwriter

“Angus Gill is an astonishingly talented Australian singer and songwriter – one who well and truly holds his own recording alongside Paul Kelly’s super talented band and, in one instance, duetting with Steve Earle. It’s a pleasure to work with Angus and be part of his music journey and evolution.” Stuart Coupe.