Angus Gill & Seasons of Change are finalists for the 2020 Golden Guitar Awards & Angus is nominated for an ARIA Award

 Angus Gill & Seasons of Change have secured 2 Golden Guitar nominations for Alt Country Album of the Year and Group or Duo of the Year for the 2021 CMAA Country Music Awards of the Australia.

The album  3 Minute Movies, has received critical acclaim in Australia and the US, since its release on September 25. It reached #1 on the AIR Albums Chart and debuted at #28 on the ARIA Top 100 Albums (All Genres), #8 Australian Albums (All Genres), #2 Australian Country Albums and #4 on the Country Albums Chart.

Gill said, “I’m thrilled to receive 2 Golden Guitar nominations for my new record with Seasons of Change, called 3 Minute Movies. Seasons of Change is of course a pseudonym for the members of Paul Kelly’s band, including Peter ‘Lucky’ Luscombe, Bill McDonald, Cameron Bruce, Ashley Naylor and Dan Kelly. All exceptional players and making this record with them really stretched me as an artist and a producer. We tracked the album in an analogue studio in Melbourne, refrained from using modern production techniques and therefore the process was raw, organic and authentic. The band opened my eyes to a whole new sonic palette. I’d like to thank Lucky, Cam, Bill, Ash and Dank for being part of this project and PK for lending his band. I’m hoping we’ll have the opportunity to tour the new record as Angus Gill & Seasons of Change in 2021.” 

Guitarist Ashley Naylor, from the iconic Melbourne rock trio Even, said, “Myself and the PK band had a blast recording with Angus. This strong collection of songs flowed freely in the studio and he gave us the freedom to colour them accordingly.”

In addition to the Golden Guitar nominations, Gill is also nominated for an ARIA award for Best Comedy Release for his work with comedy legend Bev Killick on her debut single Crummy Mummy. It is lifted from the forthcoming comedy album Uncle Nev & Aunty Bev’s Late Night Aussie Barbie, which Gill produced, co-wrote and played all the instruments on.

Stream and download 3 Minute Movieshere

Stream and download The New Old Me (feat. Steve Earle) here

“You had better bring your A game if you head into the studio with the legendary Paul Kelly’s band as your studio musicians and have Steve Earle join you for a duet.  And that’s exactly what young Australian singer-songwriter Angus Gill did…3 Minute Movies has a fine cinematic quality” Twangville

“3 Minute Movies is a musical sugar fix” Americana Highways

“ Call it Australiacana, or whatever you may will but Gill aged voice reminds listeners of young oldsters like Colter Wall and Cody Jinks.” Glide Magazine

“The New Old Me rocks and rolls with a steady, intense energy. Great vibe, great playing and a witty lyric that works on a few levels. On high rotation around here!”  

Brian Nankervis (RockWiz / ABC Radio)

“On 3 Minute Movies, Gill presents a more pop-oriented side of his songwriting. 

He cares about idiosyncrasies, the small things in songwriting that make a 

big difference in what he brings to the world” 

American Songwriter

“Angus Gill is an astonishingly talented Australian singer and songwriter – one who well and truly holds his own recording alongside Paul Kelly’s super talented band and, in one instance, duetting with Steve Earle. It’s a pleasure to work with Angus and be part of his music journey and evolution.” Stuart Coupe.

Angus Gill & Seasons of Change secure four ARIA chart spots & AIR number one

“The New Old Me rocks and rolls with a steady, intense energy. Great vibe, great playing and a witty lyric that works on a few levels. On high rotation around here!”  – Brian Nankervis (RockWiz / ABC Radio)

“On 3 Minute Movies, Gill presents a more pop-oriented side of his songwriting. He cares about idiosyncrasies, the small things in songwriting that make a big difference in what he brings to the world”  – American Songwriter

Angus Gill & Seasons of Change have torn up the Australian ARIA Charts this week securing four chart positions. The album, “3 Minute Movies”, debuted at #28 on the ARIA Top 100 Albums (All Genres), #8 Australian Albums (All Genres), #2 Australian Country Albums and #4 on the Country Albums Chart. It has also made its entry at #1 on the AIR Independent Albums Chart.

Speaking exclusively to this morning, Gill said, “As artists, we always step into the studio with the goal of revealing our most authentic self and creating a record that we are really proud of. To see 3 Minute Movies hit #1 on the AIR Albums Chart and debut so high on four ARIA charts was a shock to me, but I am very grateful for this reception and to know people have connected with the songs and my new stylistic direction with the Angus Gill & Seasons of Change project”.

“Thank you to everyone who has purchased a copy of the new record and to Australian radio for your support of my new single, The New Old Me”.

“3 Minute Movies” was an epiphany that Gill had during a 14-hour drive home from Mildura in Victoria. He was listening to Paul Kelly’s “Fine” album and thought “what if I recorded an album with Paul Kelly’s band?”

Gill had been introduced to PK and his band a year prior, by mutual friend and US music legend Steve Earle. Gill reached out to Dan Kelly (guitar), Peter ‘Lucky’ Luscombe (drums), Cameron Bruce (keys), Bill McDonald (bass) and Ashley Naylor (guitar) and booked a studio in Melbourne for two days in December 2018.

Angus Gill & Seasons of Change was born and a new record 3 Minute Movies” was made.

Coincidently, the latest single from the album is the stellar Outlaw Country duet with Earle, “The New Old Me”.

Earle first met Gill several years ago at his writing retreat in New York who was intrigued by a promising (then) 16-year-old Australian singer-songwriter. The pair have been good mates ever since. 

“The New Old Me” and the album “3 Minute Movies” are out now through Rivershack Records/MGM.

Angus Gill & Seasons of Change release new album 3 Minute Movies worldwide

Recording ‘3 Minute Movies’ with the Paul Kelly band.

It was during a 14 hour drive home from Mildura VIC after playing a 10 day music festival, that Golden Guitar nominated singer/songwriter and producer Angus Gill had an epiphany, while listening to Paul Kelly’s Life is Fine record. “What if, I recorded an album with Paul Kelly’s band.” Gill had been introduced to PK and his band a year prior, by mutual friend and US music legend Steve Earle. Gill reached out to Dan Kelly (guitar), Peter ‘Lucky’ Luscombe (drums), Cameron Bruce (keys), Bill McDonald (bass) and Ashley Naylor (guitar) and booked a studio in Melbourne for 2 days in December 2018. 

Angus Gill & Seasons of Change was born and a new record 3 Minute Movies was made, which is out now via Rivershack Records/MGM.

“Making 3 Minute Movies was different to anything I’ve done or produced before. We tracked in an analog studio. No click tracks or studio trickery were used in the making of this record and we did minimal overdubs and comping. We ran the songs a few times and picked the best whole take. It was a very raw, organic and authentic process, much like how a record would have been made in a pre-digital era. The best part of it for me, was seeing the ‘discovery’ of the songs when we played them through for the first time. Hanging out with the band, I learnt a lot about who they were influenced by and it opened my eyes to a vast range of sonic possibilities we could explore. There’s elements of Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen, The Flying Burrito Brothers, The Doors and The Beatles on this record. It was an absolute treat to have the opportunity to work with this group of legendary Australian rock musicians.” 

The 11 track album begins and ends in the Farfisa powered title track 3 Minute Movie, which serves as a skeleton for the record. “I’m a very visual songwriter, I’m always searching for those seemingly small details, the ones you see out of the corner of your eye, which in fact paint a much bigger picture. I realised that a majority of the material we tracked for this album were character and narrative driven songs, with a beginning, middle and an end…essentially 3 Minute Movies.”

Stream and save 3 Minute Movies here

Album Credits

  1. 3 Minute Movie (Angus Gill/Alissa Moreno)
  2. Hey Underdog (Angus Gill/Jeffrey Steele/Vicky McGehee/Providence David)
  3. The New Old Me feat. Steve Earle (Angus Gill/Allan Caswell)
  4. Almost Alright (Angus Gill/Bill DiLuigi/Kirsti Manna)
  5. Coming Of Age (Angus Gill/Bob DiPiero)
  6. Skin Story (Angus Gill/Nick Wolfe)
  7. Daylight Robbery (Angus Gill/Mark Lizotte)
  8. Acquainted With The Night (Angus Gill)
  9. Temporary Fix (Angus Gill/Will Hoge)
  10. You and Me and Monopoly (Angus Gill/Trey Bruce)
  11. 3 Minute Movie (Reprise) (Angus Gill/Alissa Moreno)

Produced by Angus Gill.

Mixed by Angus Gill.

Engineered by Lucas James at Hot Bias Studios.

Additional Engineering by Angus Gill, Mark Lizotte and Ray Kennedy.

Mastered by Jeff McCormack at The Music Cellar.

Steve Earle appears courtesy of New West Records, LLC. 

Angus Gill & Seasons of Change are: 

Peter ‘Lucky’ Luscombe – Drums

Bill McDonald – Bass

Ashley Naylor – Electric and 12 String Guitars

Dan Kelly – Electric Guitar

Cameron Bruce – Hammond B3, Piano, Farfisa and Fender Rhodes. 

Angus Gill – Acoustic and Baritone Guitars and Background Vocals. 

Additional Overdubs:

Susie Ahern – Background Vocals (Tracks 1, 2, 4, 6)

Lorne McDougall – Bagpipes (Track 6)

Max Abrams – Saxophones (Track 8)

Jaron Mossman – Percussion (Tracks 3, 4) 

Mark Lizotte – Background Vocals, Bass, Mandolin, Percussion, Acoustic and Electric Guitars (Track 7)

Angus Gill teams up with US music legend Steve Earle for a stellar duet

“…a swaggering blast of a bygone whirl of bluesy Country that possesses a road-house rhythm snap.Call it Australiacana, or whatever you may will but Gill aged voice reminds listeners of young oldsters like Colter Wall and Cody Jinks.It doesn’t hurt to have a Mr. Steve Earle singing on it either!– Glide Magazine (USA).

Award winning singer/songwriter Angus Gill teams up with his friend, US music legend Steve Earle for a stellar Outlaw Country duet, The New Old Me. Written by Gill and Allan Caswell, the song speaks of transformation. “I’ve had a flair for screwing up, as most of you’d agree/Welcome to the new old me” Earle admits, while Gill credits Earle, “you told me to toughen up and buddy that’s just what I did.” 

Earle first met Gill several years ago at his writing retreat in New York, intrigued by a promising (then) 16 year old Australian singer/songwriter. The two have been friends ever since and Earle introduced Gill to the members of Paul Kelly’s band, while on PK’s 2017 Life Is Fine Tour. Gill approached the band a year later to track a new album project and in December 2018, Angus Gill & Seasons of Change ‘3 Minute Movies’ came to fruition.

“It was thanks to Steve that this project was possible, as he introduced me to PK and the band. I had a bunch of songs I had written, which didn’t fit on my traditional Country album (Welcome To My Heart) and after listening to Life is Fine, I had an ‘aha’ moment. I got in touch with Dan Kelly and soon the whole band was involved and we had a studio booked to make a record. The New Old Me was a song I wrote with my mate Allan Caswell. I had the title and a feel for the song. I felt it could be an idea I could sing with Steve. Thankfully I sent him the track and he loved it.”

The New Old Me is the third single lifted from Angus Gill & Seasons of Change ’3 Minute Movies’, which is out September 25 on Rivershack Records/MGM. 

Download ‘The New Old Me’ here

Pre-order and pre-save ‘3 Minute Movies’ here

Press Release: Angus releases second single Hey Underdog from latest project

Hey Underdog is the second single lifted from the forthcoming Angus Gill & Seasons of Change record ‘3 Minute Movies’ out Sept 25. Angus Gill & Seasons of Change is the latest project for 2020 Golden Guitar finalist Gill, which sees him join forces with the members of Paul Kelly’s band for an edgy genre busting new record, featuring Peter ‘Lucky’ Luscombe on drums, Bill McDonald on bass, Cameron Bruce on piano and Hammond B3 organ, Dan Kelly and Ashley Naylor on electric guitars.. Mutual friend, alt-country legend Steve Earle introduced Gill to the band back in 2017, while on PK’s Life is Fine tour. ‘3 Minute Movies’ was recorded over a couple of days back in December 2018 and shows Gill’s formidable song craft in a refreshing new light. 

The anthemic single Hey Underdog is written by Gill, with Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame inductee Jeffrey Steele, Grammy winning songwriter Vicky McGehee and LA based producer Providence David. Hey Underdog celebrates the unassuming figures who have faced adversity, yet boldly triumph over their opposition. Australia has an affinity with cheering on the underdogs, in the sporting arena, the workplace, show business and life in general. 

Gill said, “Jeffrey sent me a text one Friday afternoon to come around to his publishing house in Nashville to write with him, Vicky and Providence. I had an idea to write a song for the underdogs. Jeff whipped out his nylon string guitar and started singing, “Hey Underdog” and we were off to the races. We were able to seamlessly channel all of our thoughts into the song. The internal rhyme and almost ‘rap’ style phrasing in parts of this song made it great fun to write. When we were tracking in the studio, Peter Luscombe suggested a Neil Young ‘Harvest’ feel for the song. Ashley Naylor decided to plug his guitar into a Leslie speaker to play the solo and we got this Beatles style guitar solo. The combination of the band members’ influences, paired with my own, is what made this collaboration so special.”

Stream, save and download here

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Angus announces new single 3 Minute Movie and a new project Angus Gill & Seasons of Change

Golden Guitar nominated singer/songwriter and producer Angus Gill teams up with the members of Paul Kelly’s band for a new project, entitled Angus Gill & Seasons of Change. The project came to fruition after Gill met the band through mutual friend Steve Earle on PK’s 2017 Life is Fine tour. Gill did a writing trip to Nashville for 6 weeks weeks over July and August of 2018, writing twice a day and collaborating with Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame Inductees Bob DiPiero and Jeffrey Steele

“I’ve always had a diverse appreciation of music, but traditional Country has been a core part of my identity as an artist. At the end of my Nashville trip, combined with previous unreleased works, I had songs that fell into two distinct piles. I started randomly slipping some of the new songs into my set, and realised songs from both piles resonated with my audience, but they didn’t sonically belong on one album. I was listening to PK’s Life is Fine record on the road. I loved the songs and the sound, the energy and essence of a live gig captured in the studio. Then it hit me. What if I paired some of my new songs, with these players and made a record. I reached out to Dan Kelly to see if he was interested, and 1 by 1, I got in contact with all of the players. I sent them the songs, the charts, booked the studio and there we were, on a breezy Melbourne morning in December of 2018 in a studio filled with fairy lights, analogue gear, hanging shrubbery and the smell of freshly ground coffee.”

The lead single and title track, 3 Minute Movie, is a Farfisa driven nostalgic labyrinth, co-written with hit songwriter Alissa Moreno. The song describes personal snapshots of deja vu, “The ones you’re supposed to dread/But I had no regrets when the credits rolled/On this 3 Minute Movie.”

Stream ‘3 Minute Movie’ on Spotify and Apple Music now.

Angus Gill Welcome To My Heart Track by Track

Track 1: Welcome To My Heart

(Angus Gill/Richard B. Foley/LaLa Deaton)

I was having a conversation with Lisa Loeb in Carmel CA about the fact that there aren’t enough platonic love songs being released in the current environment, songs such as Stand By Me and You’ve Got a Friend in Me. I was in Nashville the following week, writing with my friends LaLa Deaton, Blue Foley and I think it was Blue who had the title Welcome to my Heart. The title sparked my interest and I thought about what it meant to me, and my family came to mind. We wrote the song by thinking of all the things that we do on a perfect Sunday, at home with the family. 

Track 2: Last Minute Larry

(Angus Gill/Bill DiLuigi)

My Mother has always called me Last Minute Larry, because as much as I am the first one out of bed, I’m usually the last one out the door. I try to cram as much as I can into the 10 minutes I have spare, before I leave the house, and I always end up sending texts like, “so sorry I’m running about 5 mins late, traffic is terrible.” Which is exactly what I was doing when I went to write with my mate Bill DiLuigi in Nashville, except the twist was. “It’s actually quite fitting because the idea I’d like to write is called Last Minute Larry.” In this song, the protagonist finds that his lateness is ultimately his advantage. 

Track 3: Origins

(Angus Gill/Lance Carpenter)

I spent 2 months over in Nashville in 2018, writing 2-3 times a day, and I wrote exactly 52 songs while I was in town. I had a writing session with a great singer/songwriter Lance Carpenter and I had this title in the back of my head called Origins. I was thinking back to my childhood memories and the house that I grew up in, the abundance of photo albums showing me learning to play guitar, the mini concerts I held in the backyard, tearing up Dad’s lawn on the PW50, getting my hands dirty building our herb garden and repairing the chicken pen when the foxes got too close. That’s the genesis, the foundation, the fabric of my existence, it’s where I come from, it’s my Origins. 

Track 4: Don’t Care How Long It Takes

(Angus Gill/Graeme Connors)

Besides playing music when I was growing up, I had a strong interest in radio, as my Nan was a secretary at my local community radio station 2WAY FM in Wauchope. At 14 years of age, I learnt how to work the panel and they gave me my own show on a Sunday afternoon from 4-6pm called The Local. One of the first artists I discovered as kid was the legendary Graeme Connors and I would often play his music on my show. Graeme was coming to town to do a show and I asked his management if I could interview him, and I got the interview. They gave me tickets to the show and I got to meet Graeme at the end. He told me that I could call him up if I ever had any questions about the music business. Years later, I saw him at the Golden Guitar Awards and we reconnected. GC and I have written a few times now and it’s a privilege to call him a friend and a mentor. 

Track 5: Fly on the Wall

(Angus Gill/John Scott Sherrill)

I met the legendary writer John Scott Sherrill in Nashville, through Gina Jeffreys and Rod McCormack, who was playing a round with John Scott at the iconic Bluebird Cafe. John Scott agreed to write and told me to meet him at the only tavern in Music Row, Bobby’s Idle Hour at 3pm on a Friday. I saw him out the back in the parking lot and he said that he was going to take me to his friend’s publishing house to write, but would I mind doing it right here. In the parking lot, with all the crickets and the squirrels and the frogs. We wrote Fly on the Wall in an hour and walked straight inside to try it out on an audience. It just happened to be the 70th anniversary of the Idle Hour and they were having a big celebration. You can’t get any more Nashville than that! 

Track 6: Cornerstone

(Angus Gill/Matt Scullion)

I was touring over in Tasmania last year with my friend Emma Jene, and in between shows, we went to the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) in Hobart. The building and the exhibitions were very impressive, however one piece of futurist art caught my eye, which was titled Cornerstone. I thought about it and what it meant to me, then I thought of my Mother. Mum is like the cornerstone of the family household and the family business. No matter how busy she is or how much she has on her plate, she always keeps it all together.

Track 7: Bad Women

(Angus Gill/Jim Collins)

My great Grandfather Roy Rousell lived to be 103 years of age, he was driving up until he turned 100 and still living in the house that he built to raise his family. He was quite the legend, the first cricket player to score a run, boundary and half a century at Monash Park in Sydney. He also dabbled in music and was my closest musical connection in my family (skipping 2 generations). He played the mandolin and I still have his beautiful instrument hanging up in my studio. I interviewed him on radio some years ago, and I asked him what his key to longevity was. He replied, “I don’t drink, I don’t smoke and I stay away from bad women.” I thought, there’s definitely a song in that. 

Track 8: Doesn’t Mean I Don’t Believe (feat. James Blundell)

(Angus Gill/Matt Scullion)

I grew up listening to James Blundell’s music, and when I was on radio, I had the opportunity to interview him and hang out backstage before his show at the Wauchope RSL Club. I wrote a song with Matt Scullion a few years ago, which was about spirituality and the things that we believe in, regardless of what our religious views may be. I thought it would be a good duet song, and when I was producing the album, I got in touch with James and I’m very grateful that he agreed to sing it with me. 

Track 9: We’d Prefer You Pay in Cash

(Allan Caswell/Angus Gill)

I spent a few days up in the Blue Mountains writing with Allan Caswell last year, we’d already got a few songs in the bank and it seemed as though a drinking song was coming on. But this one was not going to be any drinking song, it was going to be an Irish drinking song. When it came to producing the track, I got in touch with an incredible multi-instrumentalist John Mock, who plays with Dolly Parton, amongst others. I asked John if he could play a tin whistle part on the song and not only did he do that, he did it in full 4 part harmony. 

Track 10: Wish a Storm on You

(Angus Gill/Terry McBride)

While I was over in Nashville, one of the worst droughts Australia had experienced was devastating the country. Farmers crops were dying, they had to sell off livestock to be able to feed the remaining herd, and I felt I needed to write a song for the farmers. I teamed up with Terry McBride (Brooks & Dunn, McBride & The Ride) and we wrote this song for anyone out there who is doing it tough.

Track 11: In The Cards

(Angus Gill/Jerry Salley)

Family is so incredibly important to me. Nothing beats the feeling of coming home to them after being out on the road for weeks at a time. Both my Nan and my Grandma have been hugely supportive of me, and I have always been very close to them. Recently both of them were diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. There’s been much sadness and distress in having to put my 71 year old Nan into a nursing home and watching my Grandpa struggle every day with looking after my Grandma at home. I used to play a game of Gin Rummy with my Grandma at any chance I had. Shortly before her diagnosis, I tried to have a game with her and she was starting to get confused and embarrassed by her confusion. It was very difficult to see her like that, and ever harder watching both of my Grandparents deteriorate right in front of our eyes. Writing this song has been my way of trying to come to terms with this terrible disease, and it has connected me with other people who are going through the same thing with their loved ones. 

Track 12: The Present

(Angus Gill/Jerry Salley)

This song was inspired by a corny high school experience that I had with a girl, but I knew it would lead to a good idea for a Country song. One thing I love about classic Country music, apart from having a strong narrative, is the word play in the lyrics, it makes people think and it changes their perspective. I had a writing session with hit songwriter Jerry Salley and I knew this was the right idea to write with Jerry. 

Track 13: Looking in the Mirror

(Angus Gill/Byron Hill)

Having two teenage siblings, I notice the daily pressure that they face to look and act a certain way. Living in such a digital era, it is so easy to compare the unedited version of yourself, to the edited appearance and lifestyle of other people. Young girls and boys feel as though they need to alter their appearance and their behaviour in order to feel worthy and accepted. This is my song that says, you are already worthy and I see it.

Track 14: Sidetracked (feat. Joe Robinson)

(Angus Gill/Joe Robinson)

When my creative brain is ticking over 24 hours, 7 days a week, sometimes I kinda get a little sidetracked. I go to write a setlist and end up writing a song. Yes, it’s happened! I wrote this song with Joe Robinson, who has been living over in the States for 10 years now, playing with the likes of Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell. We’re both from the Mid North Coast of NSW and it was great to reconnect in Nashville and write this song. When Joe came home in January, he stopped by my studio in Wauchope to record a rip roaring guitar solo and guitar parts for the album.

Bonus Tracks:

Track 15: My Austrian Friend (feat. Brennen Leigh)

(Angus Gill/Brennen Leigh)

Track 16: By We, I Mean You

(Angus Gill/Bill Whyte)

For further information, or to arrange an interview, please contact: 

Valerie MacIver at VMPR:  or 02 9443 2401

Angus Gill new album Welcome To My Heart out today!

Award winning singer-songwriter Angus Gill returns with the release today of his brand new album ‘Welcome To My Heart’ featuring second single ‘Origins’. 

Angus will showcase ‘Welcome To My Heart’ at album launch shows in Port Macquarie (Glasshouse, September 20), Tamworth (Citysider, September 21) and Sydney (Lazybones Lounge, Marrickville, October 13).

The 14 songs on ‘Welcome To My Heart’ include a duet with country music legend James Blundell called ‘Doesn’t Mean I Don’t Believe’, as well as a co-write with industry icon Graeme Connors on the song ‘Don’t Care How Long It Takes’. The CD version of the album also includes two bonus tracks.

James Blundell said, “When I first heard the song (Doesn’t Mean I Don’t Believe), I thought there you go, at 21 years of age this guy is actually asking questions that matter. I thought it was a brilliant song, which is why it was a pleasure to sing it with Angus. I think very highly of what he’s doing.

Gaining a reputation for his perceptive songwriting, new single ‘Origins’ ties the album’s theme of family and home together. 

Angus said, “I was thinking back to my childhood memories and the house that I grew up in, the abundance of photo albums showing me learning to play guitar, the mini concerts I held in the backyard, tearing up Dad’s lawn on the PW50, getting my hands dirty building our herb garden and repairing the chicken pen when the foxes got too close. That’s the genesis, the foundation, the fabric of my existence, it’s where I come from, it’s my Origins.”

‘Welcome To My Heart’ was produced by Angus with multi-instrumentalist Matt Fell working with him to co-produce a couple of songs.

Angus has recently released a podcast also titled ‘Origins’ that you can listen to here. The ‘Origins’ podcast features a special guest each episode and explores the album’s theme of family and home. ‘Origins’ takes Angus back behind the microphone as an interviewer, a skill learnt as a presenter on 2WAY FM 103.9 in Wauchope.

On September 30 Angus will be opening for US Country Superstar Kris Kristofferson at his Saddles, Mt White show, and will also be playing his own shows on the following dates:

Angus Gill – ‘Welcome To My Heart Tour’

Friday September 20 Glasshouse, Port Macquarie, NSW – ALBUM LAUNCH

Saturday September 21 Citysider, Tamworth, NSW – ALBUM LAUNCH

Tues Oct 1-Sun Oct 5 Mildura Country Music Festival, Mildura, VIC

Sunday October 13 Lazybones Lounge, Marrickville, NSW – ALBUM LAUNCH

Friday Oct 18-Sun Oct 20 Wingham Akoostik Festival, Wingham, NSW

Sunday December 15 Christmas Under the Stars (w/ Tania Kernaghan), Port Macquarie, NSW

‘Welcome To My Heart’ OUT NOW!




For further information, or to arrange an interview, please contact: 

Valerie MacIver at VMPR:  or 02 9443 2401

Angus announces new album and releases first single ‘Welcome to my Heart’

2019 has already been an exciting year for Wauchope based singer/songwriter Angus Gill, inking both an exclusive licensing deal with ABC / Universal Music and a worldwide publishing deal with Origin Music Publishing.

Today, Gill is releasing the first single ‘Welcome to my Heart’, lifted from his forthcoming album of the same name. It’s warm, infectious, genuine and brings Gill’s strong family values to the fore.

The song was initially inspired by a conversation between Gill and Grammy winner Lisa Loeb in Monterey, California. Lisa and I were talking about songwriting and she mentioned that there just aren’t enough non-romantic (platonic) love songs being written. She mentioned songs like Carole King’s You’ve Got a Friend and Bill Withers’ Lean on Me. I was quite intrigued by this thought and I kept it in the back of my mind. I was about 2 weeks into the trip when I flew into Nashville, and I was thinking about my family and the house that I grew up in. I had a writing session booked in with two great songwriters LaLa Deaton and Blue Foley. We were all sitting in LaLa’s living room having a great chat and Blue mentioned this title Welcome to my Heart. For some reason, it made me think of my family, probably because I was missing them. It made me think of Sundays at home, the smell of the pork roast cooking in the oven, Nan coming over to help Mum with the ironing, all of us gathered in the same room, sitting down to a big feast.”

The song was produced and mixed by Gill and features ACM Award winner Ilya Toshinsky (Carrie Underwood, Dolly Parton) on banjo, Susie Ahern (John Farnham, Anthony Callea) on backing vocals, Cameron Bruce (Paul Kelly, Josh Pyke) on Hammond B3 organ, multi Golden Guitar winner Stuie French on guitars and many more.

Gill mentioned, “When we were writing this song, I came up with the opening riff after noodling around on my acoustic guitar. I was in my studio putting some guitar down and I looked across at the Greek Bouzouki I had sitting on a stand. I thought, I might just use it in this song. The bouzouki is an 8 stringed instrument typically used to thicken up the rhythm beds of a track. It’s rarely used in country music as a lead instrument, but this song is an exception.”

When it came to shooting the music video, there was only one option for a location and Gill knew he had to do it at home with all of the family involved. “Let’s face it, they’re really cheap actors,” Gill laughed. The music video was directed by Brock Daubert of Golden Guitar winning The Filmery. “Brock and James came up from the Central Coast to do the shoot and they’re always fantastic to work with. It was a real, organic and honest depiction of our family lunches, apart from the fact there were cameras around, and it was done on a Friday. When I was doing my performance shots, it was super authentic, because I could even hear some arguing going on in the background.”

Gill’s second studio album Welcome to my Heart will be released on Friday 20th September. He will be performing an exclusive album preview at Australia’s fastest growing festival Groundwater Country Music Festival on Sunday 28th July, so be sure to pre-order the album here and catch him at one of his upcoming shows:

Wednesday 24th July – Luminosity Youth Summit, Port Macquarie – NSW

Friday 26th – Sunday 28th July – Groundwater Country Music Festival, Broadbeach – QLD

Saturday 10th August – Port Macquarie Panthers (w/ James Blundell), Port Macquarie – NSW

Friday 23rd August – Sunday 25th August – Gurindji Freedom Day Festival, Kalkarindji – NT

Sunday 1st September – Landmark, Darwin – NT

Thursday 5th September – Mantra Studio Kitchen and Bar, Yarraville – VIC

Sunday 8th September – Fat Goat, Upwey – VIC

Friday 20th September – Album Launch – Glasshouse, Port Macquarie – NSW

Saturday 21st September – Album Launch – Citysider, Tamworth – NSW

Monday 30th September – Sunday 5th October – Mildura Country Music Festival, Mildura – VIC

Wednesday 9th October – Lizottes, Newcastle – NSW

Sunday 13th October – Lazybones Lounge, Marrickville – NSW

Friday 18th – Sunday 20th October – Wingham Akoostik Festival, Wingham – NSW

Friday 15th November – Tourist Hotel, Queenbeyan – NSW

Saturday 16th November – Country Rocks The Capital, Canberra – ACT

Sunday 17th November – Lake George Hotel, Bungendore – NSW

Sunday 15th December – Christmas Under the Stars (w/ Tania Kernaghan), Port Macquarie – NSW

Angus signs an exclusive licensing deal with ABC Music

Angus is excited to announce that he has signed an exclusive licensing deal with ABC/Universal Music. He is pictured with Natalie Waller, Head of ABC Music and Events. Stay tuned for an album announced coming very soon.