‘Nomad’ scores ARIA chart spots

COUNTRY artist Angus Gill’s new album, Nomad, has begun its journey with a bang, hitting the ARIA Country Albums Chart and enjoying chart success with the first single, Roadworks.

The ultimate road trip companion, Nomad is on a journey of its own, debuting at No.15 on the ARIA Top 20 Country Albums Chart and Roadworks debuted in the No. 6 position on the Amrap AirIt Chart, is sitting at No. 11 on the Country Tracks Top 40 and was the 13th most downloaded track on Play MPE.

At 19 years old, Gill’s songwriting themes and vocals are mature beyond his years. This is an album that is deeply rooted in pure country with a smattering of his trademark brand of humour.

The 19-year-old has not only co-written all the songs with the cream of the crop of the
Australian country music scene, including Adam Harvey, Gina Jeffreys, Luke O’Shea, Troy Kemp and Kevin Bennett, he has also produced and mixed all 13 tracks on this debut album at his Hot Plate Studios in Wauchope.

The album also features Angus teaming up with Kevin Bennett and Amos Morris on Staring Out The Back of a Car dealing with the tragedy of the Stolen Generation and he duets with Adam Harvey on P Plater, a track dealing with the realities of young drivers combining Angus and Adam’s senses of humour.

Angus was a grand finalist in the prestigious 2017 Toyota Star Maker competition and is a three-time CMAA Academy of Country Music graduate.

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