Angus announces new single 3 Minute Movie and a new project Angus Gill & Seasons of Change

Golden Guitar nominated singer/songwriter and producer Angus Gill teams up with the members of Paul Kelly’s band for a new project, entitled Angus Gill & Seasons of Change. The project came to fruition after Gill met the band through mutual friend Steve Earle on PK’s 2017 Life is Fine tour. Gill did a writing trip to Nashville for 6 weeks weeks over July and August of 2018, writing twice a day and collaborating with Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame Inductees Bob DiPiero and Jeffrey Steele

“I’ve always had a diverse appreciation of music, but traditional Country has been a core part of my identity as an artist. At the end of my Nashville trip, combined with previous unreleased works, I had songs that fell into two distinct piles. I started randomly slipping some of the new songs into my set, and realised songs from both piles resonated with my audience, but they didn’t sonically belong on one album. I was listening to PK’s Life is Fine record on the road. I loved the songs and the sound, the energy and essence of a live gig captured in the studio. Then it hit me. What if I paired some of my new songs, with these players and made a record. I reached out to Dan Kelly to see if he was interested, and 1 by 1, I got in contact with all of the players. I sent them the songs, the charts, booked the studio and there we were, on a breezy Melbourne morning in December of 2018 in a studio filled with fairy lights, analogue gear, hanging shrubbery and the smell of freshly ground coffee.”

The lead single and title track, 3 Minute Movie, is a Farfisa driven nostalgic labyrinth, co-written with hit songwriter Alissa Moreno. The song describes personal snapshots of deja vu, “The ones you’re supposed to dread/But I had no regrets when the credits rolled/On this 3 Minute Movie.”

Stream ‘3 Minute Movie’ on Spotify and Apple Music now.